• multi-channel video installation
  • Salon of the Academy, Warsaw 
  • 2020

Tachypnoe is a multi-channel video installation that records the work of the performer's body with a specific building.
The Chemistry Auditorium of the University of Wrocław - once a pearl of modernist architecture, designed by Krystyna
and Marian Barski in the early 1970s, is now a wasteland, which I decide to put in motion again in the Tachypnoe project.
The main motif of Tachypnoe is the figure of the ramp, which forcing the unnatural, accelerated dynamics of the body is
for me a construction metaphor of the present times. In a postmodern, globalized, turbo-capitalist society, reality is defined
by inequality, imbalance and inconsistency. The ramp has a certain critical potential, which suggests that we are slipping
somewhere... It is also a spatial phenomenon that can be realized as a kinesthetic experience for the body. In the project,
I explore the potential of changing levels, displacement, momentum and momentum, rising and falling, precipitating and
gaining, lightnessand weight, thrust and resistance, activity andpassivity, breath and apnea.

Drawings for the exhibition



Screens from videos

Publication for the project with my talk with curator and critic - Stach Szabłowski
Designed by Renata Motyka