• two-channel video installation
  • New Now, Elia, Wester gas Fabriek, Amsterdam
  • 2015

The diploma work "Inversion" is the result of my search for the critical potential in a movement that has become culturally transparent to us.
It is also the beginning of my interest in various models of movement rooted in everyday social and political life. The video diptych deals with
the relationship between the individual and the community. The inspiration for the work was a unison Greek choir. I used its features such as
community, chic, unification of the individual, solemn character and universality of the message. The genesis of "Inversion" is my internal
conflict between the desire to belong to a specific community and the need to manifest one's autonomy. The work consists of two video
projections The first presents a set of movements taken from the reality of individuals leading communities. Such units are: a policeman,
a stewardess, a conductor and a priest. The second material is based on the arrangement of movements observed in the community and,
in the context of the presented gestures, is a response to the choreography of individuals. The venue for the choir is the stadium of the
Słubice Sports and Recreation Center - known until 1945 as the Ostmarkstadion - one of the oldest stadiums in Central Europe, formerly
belonging to the city of Frankfurt (Oder). This place was historically marked by Adolf Hitler, who gave a speech there in 1932. An additional
aspect of this space is a strong reference to ancient architectural patterns, and directly to the amphitheater in Aachen.

Screens from videos