• Solo exhibition in Contemporary Art Gallery in Opole
  • Curated by Magdalena Wolnicka
  • 2022

ANABERG is an extensive participatory project oscillating at the intersection of choreography, architecture and visual arts.
The link between them is the extensive issue of performativity analyzed from the feminist perspective. 
The starting point for the realization was a reflection on alternative ways of shaping public space by female voices and bodies.
The amphitheater at St. Anna, designed in the 1930s by German architects Franz Bohmer and Georg Petrich, became for the artist,
in the words of Jadwiga Sawicka, "a form calling for use" along with the whole wealth of contexts surrounding this place.
St. Anna as a Christian personification of women's support and a link between generations, the topographic shape of the mountain
as a place of contact with God, as well as the post-Nazi amphitheater located in a large hole, once regularly drilled by men - miners
working in the quarry located here, creates a very non-obvious and contrasting space, in which architecture appears as full of duality
and internal conflicts.

In this place, on September 28, 2021, Marta Jarnuszkiewicz, in cooperation with the choreographer Liwia Bargieł and 10 women from the
local community, created a performative action attempting to build a new relationship between women and this place. With their actions,
the participants broke the existing architecture understood as a set of habits and regular practices that have been taking place in the
amphitheater for decades.In the Aneks GSW Gallery, we show a multi-channel video installation, which is a record of the above activities.

The work is the resultof the artist's doctoral research under the supervision of Mirosław Bałka.

A drawings for the project 

Screens from video installation
Cinematographers: Gabriela Piwar, Lena Pierga 

A workshops in Contemporary Art Gallery in Opole, Kochanowski Theater in Opole and Strzelecki Art Center in Strzelce Opolskie 

Documentation of exhibition in Contemporary Art Gallery in Opole

Curated by Magdalena Wol

Fragments of performative work in nazi theater, Saint Anna Mountain