• Concept: Liwia Bargieł, Marta Jarnuszkiewicz
  • Photo/Video: Marta Jarnuszkiewicz
  • Performance: Liwia Bargieł
  • Galeria Poligon Warsaw
  • Curated by Matosek/Niezgoda

Our mutual interest lays in the subject of movement. We have decided to combine our individual potentials, experience and abilities.
Opening position - exhibition is an outcome from our research on movement and its reflection in other media.

Referring to Merce Cunnigham or Yvonne Rainer heritage we are interested in movement itself as pure medium without emotional or narrative
connotation. We investigate movement as mechanics based on Newton and Einstein law. Movement as a frame, visual image. We define choreography
as a process of creating images in motion. We are interested in body as a tool. Considering and challenging its mobility, we open our view to wider
subjects like space, time, rhythm, sound. The base for our research was a short movement sequence – a phrase, built from eleven basic body actions
distinguished by famous dance scientist and choreographer Rudolf Laban. 

Documentation of the exhibition in Poligon Warsaw and Komuna/Warszawa 

Curated by Magdalena Wol