• Direction/Performance: Liwia Bargieł
  • Music/Performance: Aleksander Kaźmierczak
  • Video/Lights: Marta Jarnuszkiewicz
  • Dramaturgy/Producer: Paulina Ozga
  • Production: Divadlo X10 Praha, CZ

 The Body Bank performance attempts to analyze individual bodily experiences.
The individual creates her own territories in the performance - zone of creation. It is also a zone of freedom, where the body acquires autonomy.
Due to contact with the audience, the individual perspective is shifted. The place of contact of the intimate experience told by the body about the
body in a sometimes physiological, sometimes mechanical and technical manner,  creates a new space – points out aspects, which usually do not
draw our attention - the flow of blood in the veins, work of muscles and tendons on the lowest possible molecular level. Individual experience tries
to penetrate into a common tissue, thanks to which a new communication field is created - something conscious and unconscious happens between it.
Performer in her work uses memories and examines the impact they have on her body - she constantly processes what surrounds her. This  process
is constantly developing and never ends.

Curateby Magdalena