• Solo exhibition in TEST Gallery in Warsaw
  • 2021

The relationship between architecture and landscape understood as cultural geomorphology,
in the field of which influences are visible, human concepts, needs and ambitions became the
point of reference for the DECAY project. Every architectural landscapeit arises as a result of the
decomposition of many other spaces. Processes of transformation and degradation of the natural
landscape form the main context for the video works I made in the Lower Silesian granite basin
- a place directly associated with the MDM architecture. Granite is one of the main building blocksnot
only of the Marszałkowska District Residential, but also many other historical and modern buildings
and infrastructure facilities. Mines of this raw material are one of the poignant examples in which
the economy and mechanization of human movement dominated the natural environment.
The current soundscape of the place consists of the sounds of machines and the work of decomposing
bodiesthis place. My presence in this space is an attempt to restore its natural, ephemeral movement
which doesn't leave traces.

A mindmap for a project

A documentation from the exhibition

Screens from the videos